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It’s a simple formula: if we have golf, then art will be near, if we are in Scotland, then the sound of bagpipes will be our guide. This is my usual answer to a question why is "Art, Scotland and Golf".

I am glad that in such a difficult "pandemic" time we could make a traditional event. As usual, we had a golf tournament, the sounds of bagpipes performed by Evgeny Lapekin, and the support of the charity fund "Find a family".

For the first time other artists, my friends Ruslan Kirnichansky and Natalia Belolipskaya have become the participants of the art part of the event. And it's a double exciting thing to open their worlds to the guests.





Art request fabbrica@bk.ru



Art request valovart@yandex.ru

I met Ruslan Kirnichansky magically 10 years ago. This was a practice day of my seminar “transurfing of the reality”, I remember my first words to him, I said: "Hi, Mr.Artist! you were in my target-slide today." Only later I found out that he is not only an artist, but he is also a talented, successful architect, who runs one of the most famous Zen channels in Yandex, The Architect's Diary. It was cool to see each other again and collaborate, we have already done a project together once. The story is waiting for new pages to be told!

I met Natalia Belolipskaya in the Forest Hills Golf Club. At that moment Natalia had already been working for 5 years in one of the most awesome golf clubs in Russia, but I'd like to add – clubs in Europe! Everyone who has been there even once will remember the club for sure because of the unique view – the 7th hole starts from the hill 100 meters high. It's really fantastic! Especially in autumn! When the forest around becomes multicolored – red, yellow, golden, etc. I express my gratitude to Natalia, her creative nature has always supported my ideas and has never refused my projects. It's a treasure! And, of course, when I saw her pastel works, I screamed: "The world must see them all!!! To hide these works is a crime!"
Yes, I really think so! If you create something, write paintings, songs, poems, make photos, sculptures or print on T-shirts - hiding your work inside your closet is a crime!

For the first time, I chose not a gallery or a restaurant for a traditional art event. I’ve chosen the showroom 2KKORZINA, the owner Ekaterina Kozachenko opened its doors for the event for the first time – and we had 100 points from 10!
Everything was cool here: the style of old-school New York, an industrial open space, no limits for creativity and, by the way, for golf – it’s very important!

Don't forget to share your photos and videos - tag my Insta @artvalova #artvalova
I wish you a lot of inspiration without any borders! Create, dream, collaborate, get incompatible things together and don't be afraid to show your world in this world!

It is the time! Here and now!


                                                  SEE YOU SOON!

You can find more photos here