Art Surfing. Intro.

Hello my loves!

I want to share this emotions with you and I will do remember this day when I was starting my art-surfing blog. I am definitely sure art lives in everyone. In every moment of our life!

Art of your life makes you happy and sad, creative and empty. Art of your life makes you to meet very interesting and inspiring people. art makes you strong and weak. And the Art-surfing is your universe activity between your dreams, ideas and "day-running".


The land is an inspiring part of art-surfing. The land you live in or traveling through. It helps you to stay positive and filled. Your native land allows you to be yourself wherever you've been. You are traveling during all your life. And your trip is always a little party, an awesome chapter of your own book. These memories you will save forever with you till the last breath. 

The second part of art-surfing is a new information, new knowledge of everything. Experience, coaching advices, heroes with their stories, skills - its can help you to reach the goals and happiness indeed.

The third and the main part of art-surfing is Freedom! You are free of fears and pain, someone else's opinion and voice commands. You do live your life full of power, energy, spirituality, senses - live it in art-surfing style!

Our life is a gift! Let's live it all!

See you soon!

My loves!