• Olga Valova

My way to creativity

Good luck!

My loves! We’ve heard it so many times but I am sure this luck is always in our hands.

My first art-year was pretty tough. Doubts, insights, sorrows followed me each day. It could make me crazy but a role of watcher helped me to become strong and energetic.

What did I do?

To ask me-watcher straight questions about myself-object.

Who is that woman?

What does she need?

What do this woman love?

Does she really know what she needs?

Is she honest to herself?

My mind played very inventively with me. I’ve been quiet, I lied to myself and one day I could see the puzzle is done. And I still see it now.

Try to ask yourself about yourself and you will see the true.

To be honest in creation is possible only if you are honest to yourself.

Stay true to yourself my loves!

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