WWW art-picnic: a first step of a big story!

A Russian artist Olga Valova hosted in Budva an art-picnic on Friday (21.05.21). The event was attended by friends of the artist and by Montenegrin audience.


The picnic was promoted by EVENT Management Montenegro agency represented by Stanislava Bashkeeva - an exhibition curator.

Olga about event concept:

My first thought when I came to Montenegro was – “O my God, it must be hard to be an artist in Montenegro due to the magnificent nature and fantastic views”. The nature here is the best artist ever! Each moment it shows you gorgeous views with mountains, sea, sky and clouds. The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely thrilling! Furthermore, it was a cranky idea to exhibit my art in the open-air nature’s gallery at the brink of sunset.


Stanislava on the picnic’s preparation:

We could do it and we have done it! and it was awesome. We have chosen the place – the Mogren fortress - built in 1860 by the Austro-Hungarian empire to defend the western borders of BUDVA.  It is one of the famous viewpoints in Budva. The main idea was to set up various spaces for guests: a bar space, a photo spot, paintings’ exhibition area. The Mogren fortress was a fabulously suitable location to execute that.



All stages of the picnic have been perfectly executed. I am sure this event will turn into a tradition.  Next year summer season in Budva we will start from our WWW art-picnic (World Within Worlds). It will take place at the end of May 2022.


What is WWW?

Each artist, moreover, each person on Earth has a little world within the other bigger worlds. It is our big mission to try opening this little world to the bigger worlds around us. It is a tough lifelong task - finding the way to open up our inner world to the world around us, to let them communicate fruitfully with one another.


Great ideas – a Big Mission! See you in May 2022!


If you are an artist and want to take part in the next art-picnic, send us a message with your portfolio.

We will keep on moving forward and dream Big together!

Contacts for artists and partners

info@artvalova.com - our team

valovart@yandex.ru - Olga

stanislavabashkeeva@gmail.com - Stanislava